Behind the Page


 Behind every page of writing, behind every idea, is a Pen.

Hello weary reader! As you must have fought your way through the endless reaches of the Internet, I offer you a place a refuge, a place to escape the noise and chatter of viral sensations and celebrity gossip and find peace. Okay, maybe I’m exaggerating, but you’re welcome to stay and rest your feet for as long as you’d like- but please, no feeding of the plot bunnies, as they’re very fragile and not used to social situations.

Congratulation on finding your way to my blog. You win nothing but my eternal gratitude, my mediocre writing, and some imaginary cookies, but I hope my feels will do. I suppose an introduction is in order. A little “About Me,” if you will.

My name is Amber Lee, and I love words. From a young age, I would claim myself as a writer, but recently I found myself questioning the meaning of such a term. For some, a writer is one similar in popularity of Edgar Allen Poe or J.K. Rowling. Neither am I, nor could I ever be so great as to match their legacy, but still a writer I claim to be. Others believe a writer is of higher class origin, a nose snubbed into the air and a waft of  importance surrounding their every move. I certainly lack the necessary social life to be a snob. Yet I’m a writer. Writers are geeks for words- they love the power words control and crave having a go in the playground of creativity. I am a writer, a believer in words.

In my mind, writing is a superpower. Words have the ability to both create and destroy, fantasize and bring to reality. With words, anything is possible. In old adventure serials, the hero’s fate would be always be left at a cliffhanger, a stock image of him at his story’s end with no way out. Yet, the next time the show aired, viewers would watch in amazement as the hero made a daring escape and triumphed once again. The hero was saved, not by his bulging muscles or handsome appearance, but by words. Words have the ability to make the impossible possible, to lift hopes when they’re in danger of crashing, or to act as a stark reality check when the line between imagination and naivety has blurred beyond recognition. Words are immortal, a time stamp in our history that can never be erased.

This blog is meant to serve as a tribute to words, a creative outlet not just for myself, but for all who wish to reignite or fuel their passion for writing. I don’t want to gather an enormous amount of followers, I want to create a community. A community of writers, new or veteran, who share the passion and the craving for words. I don’t want my posts to be something to gawk at, I want my words to serve as an inspiration to keep writing, and to never stop.

With how fast the world is going today, the will to write has been obscured. When words fail, all else is sure to follow. Writer’s block doesn’t control us; it’s an excuse the world has pushed on us, convincing writer’s that they have a problem or are failures. The will to write is always there, just below the surface waiting to be dug up and expressed. The power of words is limitless, one just needs to know how to unlock it.

This is my Writer’s Block, my home away from home. I hope you enjoy your escape from the insanity of the outside world.

If you have been inspired to mold the world with words along with me, join our community- grab a pen and chisel away.

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