Playing an instrument can boost your health


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unnamed-8By Managing Editor: Amber Lee Carnahan

Music has, in the past, been shown to have a beneficial effect on the musician; however what those effects actually are isn’t as clear. It takes a lot of patience and practice to learn an instrument, but it is worth it in the long run for many reasons. In an age of abundant social media and distracting technology, taking a break from the world to attempt to learn at least one instrument could positively boost your wellbeing and change your life.

“When I’m playing my instrument I’m happy, I feel free, because I get the chance to make something beautiful,” says Anne Potts, a senior at Howell High School and a member of the band.

For many teenagers, a daily battle they must face is struggling with lowering self-esteem. Playing an instrument offers an opportunity to feel pride. Though the instrument most likely won’t…

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Exercising for the inexperienced


An article I wrote for the Main Four about exercising for beginners. If you like what you read, please feel free to like or share the story!

Howell Main Four

By Managing Editor: Amber Lee Carnahanimages

When it comes to exercising, there is always something else that takes priorities. You have too much homework to do, you don’t have enough time, you’re too tired. Daily life is full of hurdles that makes it difficult to set aside time for exercising, and merely thinking of working out may seem a bit daunting. However, the most difficult hurdle is easing into the exercise world for the first time. With a limited knowledge of the proper way to ‘work-out,’ exercising can seem a little scary. But hopefully with a little time and effort, the mythical world of fitness won’t seem as foreboding.

Start slow. 

There are an unlimited amount of reasons to start exercising. If sports are your interest, then hours spent exercising and getting in shape will be in your future. Maybe you’ve heard from your fitness-fanatic friends that working-out is the…

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Never Meant to Grow Up


I never meant to grow up,

Truly, I was mistaken.

Far from me, Adulthood gleamed like a diamond in the sun,

Unbeknownst to me was nothing more than hopeless dust.

Once I fell in, into the pit of maturity,

The dust obscured the path behind me, back towards my sanctity-

Back to the world I had once been content in,

The memories faded even now as I claw at my responsibilities.

I’ve fallen too far, into Adulthood’s cruel clutches;

There’s no escape from the muck, there’s no getting back,

Back when life was good, in the Age of Childhood.

Little things that remind me I’m a Klutz


There’s always a little piece of your personality that follows you to adulthood, haunting you at every turn or simply popping up after you’ve thought you passed that point of your life. As a little kid, there’s always that one trait you’re known for, that one characteristic that has a habit of becoming you. Some are known for their charisma, some for their wit, but me? I was known for being a Klutz.

My mom would always tell me tales of my klutzy endeavors- of that time I tripped over a piece of fuzz in the doctor’s office, or of the times during Sunday school where I would randomly fall out of my chair. I wasn’t ashamed of my clumsy nature. It was something that I’ve always known and was a defining part of my character. As I grew and matured, the clumsy aspect of my personality silently faded away until I was nearly normal.

My klutzy half never fully escaped me- it’s clear to me now that it has just been waiting in the shadows for me to trip over my own feet. Little instances in my life, caused by my excessive clumsiness peaking through the cracks of my composure, are a shocking reminder that I am still and will always be a Klutz.

Don’t Cry Over Spilled Coffee

Sometimes I like to try to be productive, and the only way I can manage to get any work done is with the help of copious amounts of caffeine coursing through my system. After setting up my work space with my computer on my lap and snack foods on a TV tray to my left, I immediately proceed to spill my freshly poured coffee all over the keyboard of my expensive laptop. The coffee wasn’t too hot, nor was it slippery; my hand just decided that holding cups was lame.

Of course, I panicked and ran into the kitchen, draping as much paper towels around me as I could without qualifying as a mummified corpse. After soaking up all of the beverage that I could see and saving my precious from a disastrous state of brokenness, I once again sat down to work, allowing my heart rate to calm to an acceptable rate. After recovering my mental state and that of my computer, I reach for my mug- only for it to once again spill, this time all over my snack tray.

It was at this point that I found myself amazed at my surprising stupidity. I was so shocked by my clumsiness that I just sat there for awhile, mesmerized by the dark liquid slowly oozing onto my carpet below. My accident-prone life flashed before my eyes like a tribute to my Klutzy endeavors, and I was forced to watch to the end before I could clean up the mess I made, again.

Don’t Drop The Phone

Nothing screams “Klutz” like throwing your phone halfway across the room. There’s no clue warning of this occurrence, only the sudden exclamation of surprise as the phone tumbles across the room as if in an Old Western movie. My clumsiness seems to center around the functioning capability of my hands, or rather the lack of. My hands are as careless and wobbly as a newborn fawn, and it’s getting a bit ridiculous. I could be just minding my own business and reading fanfiction, when suddenly my phone thinks it’s Superman, flying across my living room and fighting crimes.

Nothing is more embarrassing than having a phone that thinks it’s Superman. The walk of shame to retrieve the flung cell phone is always a painful process, accentuated by the reminder that there is no escape for being a Klutz.

Poles Are Not Your Friend

While spilling your coffee and having a spastic cell phone certainly house their own level of embarrassment, there is nothing that beats the shame that follows from walking into a pole. I can’t remember a specific time when I have done this, but I know I must have, since every time I come near a pole or other object ejecting from the floor I have to tell myself not to walk into it. Your mind is a wonderful warning system, but to Klutz, the warnings are also a painful reminder of previous instances of shame. Walking into objects tend to stun the Klutz, which usually follows a hopeless attempt to brush it off and act like it never happened. Calmly walking away from the pole while continuing whatever conversation or action that had distracted you in the first place does not erase the shame of what occurred, nor does it erase it from the minds of anyone who saw it in the immediate vicinity. At least next time, you’ll know to watch out for the pole. However, if you’re a mega Klutz like me, that’s no guarantee that it won’t happen it again. In fact, you should probably just invest in a helmet.

There is no escaping the firm grasp of clumsiness. Being a Klutz is a lifetime responsibility; live with it.

YouTube: an underappreciated source of entertainment, employment


Here is one of the articles I recently wrote for my school newspaper. Feel free to check out the Main Four and find other interesting articles to read!

Howell Main Four

By Managing Editor: Amber Lee Carnahan3606295240_09a280f1bd_o

Back in February 14, 2005, history was made when three former PayPal employees created the internet domain, “” The website was designed to be a video-sharing hub where participants could share and view videos. Since then, YouTube has grown to an amazing popularity. According to YouTube’s Statistics, more than one billion unique viewers visit the website per month. Additionally, 100 hours of video are uploaded every minute, making it literally impossible to count the number of videos on YouTube. With the limitless amount of videos able to be watched across a varying genre, YouTube is able to offer a bounty of entertainment for free, compared to the high cost required to have cable television. While YouTube isn’t a direct replacement for television since it doesn’t offer access to any series or movies, it is a more cost-friendly way to stay entertained.

Entertainment. There’s several…

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The Monster Under my Bed


He whispers in the night,

His teeth gnash in my ear.

His smile curls and twists,

His words fill me with fear.

He tells me of the world,

Of the things I will see;

He says one day I’ll be “as big and horrid as me.”

He speaks of the wars and the blood and the guts,

He snarls and he bites as he hungers with lust.

He tells me of life, but it sounds like it’s death.

If you need me, I’ll be hiding

With the monster under my bed.