Daylight Saving Time is Trying to Kill Me!

I’ve never exactly had a healthy sleeping routine. After making it through the wear and tear of a day at school, I like to embrace any free time I can get my greedy little hands on. A pattern has arisen that probably isn’t the best for my student career, but my YOLO levels have been pretty high lately.

After making a harrowing escape from school through the horrendous bus systems, I tend to arrive at my humble abode around three o’clock. After shredding the confines of clothing and embracing the warmth and comfort of my pj’s, I grab a snack and melt into my lounge chair, television remote in my hand. My technological craving isn’t for cable television, however. My addiction is to the one and only YouTube. Time slips by after I press play, and I can only assume I fall into some sort of a comatose state.

Eventually, I start my homework. If I wanted to be a better student, I could start earlier and put more effort into my assignments, but my senioritis has kicked in full force and I’m a very illogical human being(sorry, Spock). Luckily, I usually don’t have that much homework since I have time to finish most at school.

On a regular night, I start to wind down to meet sleep around eleven o’clock. Perhaps if I limited my caffeine intake(Coffee Addict, through and through) and time spent surfing the web, sleep wouldn’t be so difficult to obtain. Insomnia, alas, is my ever present friend through the agonizing hours of night. My second wind takes control, and I suddenly have the urge to do everything but sleep. If I didn’t have school to worry about, I’d become nocturnal.

There are times when I just want to give up on the idea of sleeping and just pull an all-nighter, but I’m sure my parents would strongly disagree with my stroke of genius. Instead, I end up spending most of the night and early morning just lying in bed, contemplating life and the secrets of the universe.

Or thinking about food, which is even worse than the anxiety of life because then I’m hungry, and who can really sleep when their hungry? Thinking about food will lead to me wanting food which ultimately will give way to a secret escapade through the house in quest for a midnight(literally) snack, with each creak of my old floorboards threatening to give away position and foil my plans for food domination.

Fortunately, these nights are usually few and far between. Generally, one night of agonizing insomnia will lead to me being dead tired the next day, which will cause me to sleep like a log that night.

Which leads me to the topic of Daylight Saving Time, my nemesis. So far, I’ve had two consecutive nights of insomnia, and I smell a pattern arising. Regardless of my political views of DST(which are that it is useless and obsolete, but I digress), the loss of an hour has started to affect my sleeping habits, and if anything can be learned from me, it’s that I’m lazy and love my sleep. Sleep and I may have a complicated relationship, but I can safely say we share a mutual hatred for Daylight Saving Time.

Complaining will get me nowhere, but my sleep deprived mind is unaware of that fact. What are your feelings towards Daylight Saving Time? If you hate it also, you can join my cult(we have cookies!). If you love it, well… it’s obvious you’ve already been brainwashed. You will be missed.


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