The Best Words*

You know, it really doesn’t matter

what the media write

as long as you have a young,

and beautiful, piece of –


As everyone knows,

but the haters and losers

refuse to acknowledge, my hair

may not be perfect,

but it’s mine – My fingers

are long and beautiful, as are various parts

of my body. The beauty of me

is that I’m very rich – it’s tangible,

it’s solid, it’s beautiful, it’s artistic,

and, from my standpoint, I just love

real estate.


My friends say,

I have the best words –

Whenever I’m making

a creative choice, I step back

and remember

my first shallow reaction. The day

I realized

it can be smart to be shallow

was, for me, a deep experience.


Good people

don’t go into government –

Sometimes by losing a battle

you find a new way

to win the war.


* Poem composed of Donald Trump quotes



Ring of gold,

Worn with age.

Heirloom of a past

flame of unity.

obituary of love, a

remembrance of history.

elegant silver casting

vibrant shining gleams,

eternal and everlasting, it

restores forgotten memories.

Destiny’s greatest endeavor, a

Legacy of love, their

Bond lasts forever.


To a Little Bird Named Phil

Dear Phil,

as you flutter around,

I wanted to thank you

for sticking around.

Though the nights held a chill,

and the wind kept you down,

You stayed by my porch,

and circled the seed on the ground.

Now even though I’m far

from that l’il pile of seed,

I can still hear in my heart,

your little “Chickedee-dee-dee-dee”

Meaning or no meaning

Simple or a maze of riddles

Imagination or reality

A sea of words or very little.

The Monster Under my Bed

He whispers in the night,

His teeth gnash in my ear.

His smile curls and twists,

His words fill me with fear.

He tells me of the world,

Of the things I will see;

He says one day I’ll be “as big and horrid as me.”

He speaks of the wars and the blood and the guts,

He snarls and he bites as he hungers with lust.

He tells me of life, but it sounds like it’s death.

If you need me, I’ll be hiding

With the monster under my bed.

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