YouTube Comments and Why You Should Avoid Them at All Costs

YouTube_generation_900_450_90_s_c1_smart_scaleAn addiction that I have long since accepted and embraced is my obsession with YouTube. You can find my editorial on why I love YouTube here, but that is not the reason I have gathered you here today. I have another habit that I wish I could abolish myself of altogether- reading YouTube comments. Maybe it’s just the human race’s penchant for drama getting to me, or maybe I’m just attracted to the horrendous mutilation of the English language. Either way, it’s a habit that’s caused me too much pain already and needs to stop.

While the Comment Section of YouTube is a useful tool to leave constructive criticism or praise for a video, it has been recently overrun with spam, self promotion, and “haters.” The rare comment offering helpful advice or tips for improvement is easily lost within the muddle of inappropriate remarks and immature degrading of the content and/or the content provider. The Comment Section has turned into a vicious battling ground, with incessant hater posed against fervent supporter. Regardless of which side you’re on, there will be casualties.

The Comment Section serves as a distraction to the rest of the video, dragging attention away from the YouTuber and to the next brilliant insult or crude remark. When enjoying YouTube on my phone, I find myself scrolling down to read the comments and zoning out the video, hopelessly lost in the sea of horrific indecencies and immature prattle.

To my fellow YouTube Fanatics out there on the interweb, I propose we cut all ties with the Comment Section, choke the weed at the core. Without a source fueling the debauchery, all motivation to stir up chaos will be lost. Without an audience, the disaster that is the Comment Section will be ceased.

“But, Amber! I want to show my support!”

That’s great! Click like or subscribe. Leaving a rating is a helpful way to show the video creator that his work is being appreciated. Additionally, even viewing the video once increases its views. A YouTuber is able to tell that his or her video is popular by the number of views it attains. If you can’t stop watching a video over and over again, those views will be recorded for the YouTuber to squeal over. If you have the urge to leave more specific advice, social media can be your expressive outlet.

Many a brave soul have attempted to right what has gone wrong in the Comment Section, either by defending  the creator or fighting against the haters, but I’m here to tell you that you’re valiant efforts are best suited elsewhere. The trolls have breached the Comment Section, and any sort of argumentation sparks their fire and breaths into them new life. By ignoring the Comment Section as a whole, the haters that plague the inter-depths will retreat to a mere memory, a Throwback Thursday in the wind.

I beg you, for your own sake, do not scroll further. Do not be drawn in to the devil’s snare of hatred and conspiracy. Do not get distracted from the reason you clicked on the video in the first place. And, for Heaven’s sake, do not click for all comments. You’ll regret it.


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Back in February 14, 2005, history was made when three former PayPal employees created the internet domain, “” The website was designed to be a video-sharing hub where participants could share and view videos. Since then, YouTube has grown to an amazing popularity. According to YouTube’s Statistics, more than one billion unique viewers visit the website per month. Additionally, 100 hours of video are uploaded every minute, making it literally impossible to count the number of videos on YouTube. With the limitless amount of videos able to be watched across a varying genre, YouTube is able to offer a bounty of entertainment for free, compared to the high cost required to have cable television. While YouTube isn’t a direct replacement for television since it doesn’t offer access to any series or movies, it is a more cost-friendly way to stay entertained.

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